Baby and Toddler Practical Real Life Parenting Advice

Are you a busy mom? Being a mommy is hard work. In fact, parenting is the ultimate full time job. You are always on the job 24/7 at any time of the day or night. It is also the most incredibly fulfilling job you will ever be blessed with.

This doesn't mean you aren't a wife, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, coworker, volunteer and so forth too. It just means your baby comes first and you fit all the other responsibilities around him.

This is easier said then done with only 24 hours in a day. I always felt that if the day could be extended to 30 hours I might be able to juggle all the balls without dropping some.

Time is a mother's most valuable commodity and I never have enough of it. But the one thing I make sure of is that I give quality time to my son. He is my number one priority. To do this I have had to learn how to be organized and to multitask my multitasks.

On this website I have collected and written pages that I feel will have value for you as a parent. I also hope that I have cut down on your search time and frustrations, answered some parenting questions for you and validated you as a super today's mommy.

Below is a poem that my mother used to say to me when I was little.

Cleaning and scrubbing can wait til tomorrow

For babies grow up we learn to our sorrow

So quiet down cobwebs and dust go to sleep

I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep

Here is this poem for Today's Mommy:

E-mails and bills must wait til tomorrow

For babies grow up we learn to our sorrow

So quiet down cell phones and computers go to sleep

I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep

Please make enjoying your children your most important priority!

Parenting Problem Solver Blog
The parenting problem solver blog is an active page designed to keep my readers up to date on any new and interesting parenting tips that help to solve every day parenting problems.
All About Me: Mommy, Occupational Therapist and Inventor
Personal information about the author and her experiences as a mommy, pediatric occupational therapist, infant-toddler specialist and inventor that makes her a superior source for today's mommies.
High 5 For Kids a New Juvenile Products Company Solves Meal Time Mess and Stress
This innovative and inexpensive product can be adhered to any surface to provide a secure feeding dish for young self feeders.
Parent to Parent Support, Advice and Humor
Parent to parent advice, information and stories about the job of raising a child. Sometimes just knowing your not alone is enough to get you through.
Site Build It is For Techno Dummies
Site Build It! gave me back my self esteme by giving me the tools to contronl my own web business. I am a techno-dummy that was intimidated by the website lingo. I now have a thriving web business
Paretning Products and Resources for Busy Mommies
Great selection of quality products and resources to support the busy mommy.
Amazing New Spill Proof Toddler Bowl Wows Parents
New spill resistant bowl desinged by a mother and feeding specialist. This bowl will free your hands, prevent spills and teach your toddler feeding independence....
Amazing New Spill Proof Toddler Bowl Wows Parents
New spill resistant bowl desinged by a mother and feeding specialist. This bowl will free your hands, prevent spills and teach your toddler feeding independence....
Cool Toddler Chairs to Entice Your Toddler to Sit and Stay Awhile.
The most unique toddler chairs designed to offer your little one a fun safe place to settle down and stay awhile.
Activities and Information for Your Special Child
Pediatric selected reading materials and activities for your special needs child.
Baby SunglassesThat Make a Statement
Baby sunglasses that provide sun safety and are great looking too.
A Great Selection of Support Autism Awareness Products
Great selection of products that make great gifts or support statements for Support Autism Awareness.
Basic Infant Care Tips For New Moms
Common sense infant care tips for new parents . Learn how to bathe, feed, soothe and many other care steps for your new born.
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Risks and Prevention Advice From Experts
Expert advice on what places a baby at risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and what can be done to help protect your baby.
Best Baby Colic Remedies Advice to Soothe a Suffering Baby
Though there is no cure there are baby colic remedies that can help manage the pain.
Infant Reflux Symptoms and Relief Advice for Parents
Is it infant reflux or spit-up? Advice for parents who have a baby who might spit-up after every meal and have concerns about this problem
Cradle Cap Remedies That are Easy and Effective
Cradle cap is that unattractive whitish flakey stuff that some babies get on their scapls. As unsightly as it is it is not uncommon and can be treated.
Diaper Rash Treatments and PreventionTips for the New Mommy
Practical diaper rash treatments and bottom care tips for new parents
Uncircumcised Penis Vs. Circumcised Penis the Pros and Cons
Many parents are asking if there are any benefits of an uncircumcised penis vs. circumcised. At this point it remains a personal choice of the parents versus a healthcare issue for the child.
Baby Constipation Relief and Prevention Advice for Parents
Baby constipation advice for parents on relieving constipation
Baby Bath Time Tips for New Parents
Practical baby bath time advice for new parents. Bath time can be intemidating but these tips can make bath time less stressful for both of you.
Baby Sleeping Tips and Advice for Tired Parent
Practical baby sleeping tips and advice for you and your baby
Practical Bottle-Feeding Tips and Advice for Parents
Bottle-feeding your baby can sometimes be a challenge. Here are to many parents' questions about the hows and whys of bottle feeding their baby
Breast Feeding Tips and Advice For New Mommies
Breast feeding is a choice that many mothers make for the health and wellbeing of their babies.There are tips and advice for new mothers to make the nursing process easier.
Tips on Starting Baby-food with Your Baby
Transitioning your baby to baby-food can be intemidating for new parernts. Practical advice on how and when to take this feeding step
Signs of Baby Allergies to Food Parents Need to Watch For
Baby allergies to foods can start from birth. Here are some tips on how to spot baby allergies and what are the danger signs.
Advice for Choosing a Pediatrician, Communication and Scheduling Tips
Practical parenting advice for choosing a pediatrician, communication tips and important questions to ask.
Choosing Baby Walking Shoes Advice for Parents
Parents often have questions about buying baby walking shoes that are the best for their new walkers.
Your Premature Baby
Newborn Jaundice Causes and Treatments for Worried Parents
Newborn jaundice is a common condition found in newborns. It
Basic Teething Symptoms and Pain Relief Stratagies
A specialist offers advice on teething for parents of babies and toddlers.
The Basics of Baby Teeth Care: Parent Advice for Proper Baby Oral Care
Baby teeth do matter and need to be cared for. Here are an expert's tooth care advice on how to care for those baby teeth and estblish life long oral hygeine habbits for your child.
Signs of Vision Problems in Babies and Toddlers
Vision problems in young children can be difficult to detect. There are certain symptoms that could indicate possible vision problems in your baby.
Signs of Hearing Problems in Babies and Toddlers
The signs that your baby may have hearing problems are sometimes suttle until the age where language develops. There are some early flags parents can watch for that may pin point a hearing concern.
Baby Development Advice for Parents to Boost Baby Skills
Practical baby development advice for parents to boost baby's skills
Toddler Development Advice for Parents to Boost Toddler Skills
Toddler development advice for parents to help boost their toddler's developmental skills.
Important Baby Language Strategies That Build Pre-Language Skills
Baby language begins to develop long before your baby can say his first words. Social communication is the first language milestones a baby develops in the path to language development.
Easy Language Activities to Help Your Toddler Communicate
Easy language activities from a specialist to help your toddler build speech and language skills.
Reading to Children Builds Skills for Sucess
Reading to children can stimulate language development and achedemic skills
Baby Reading Advice to Help Build Foundations for Life
Baby reading can facilitate development of communication and achedemic skills
Nursery Rhyme Lyrics for Mommy and Baby to Enjoy
The best collection of children's nursery rhyme lyrics to build mommy memories with
Toddler Constipation Top 10 Tips for Relief
Toddler constipation is different from constipation in an infant and needs to be approached differently. Here are the 10 best tips for relieving and remendying constipation in toddlers.
Early Childhood Immunizations Safety and Side Effects
The safety of early childhood immunizations have come under questions recently by parents. Medical experts defend the use of immunizations to protect young children from these often fatal diseases.
Excessive Drooling in Toddlers: Tips for Parents
Excessive drooling can be a worry to parents.There are activites parents can do to help resolve this problem.
Dental Emergencies - Tips for Parents
Dental emergencies happen often to children. Knowing how to handle these emergencies can make the difference of your child keeping or losing a tooth.
Toddler Sleep Problems Tips for All Tired Toddler Parents
Toddler sleep problems can be frustrating. Here are effective toddler sleeping tips that parents can use to help thier toddlers sleep through the night.
Parenting Toddler by Building Relationships
Parenting toddler resources and advice easy and useful parenting strategies given by an infant/toddler specialist.
Toddler Separation Anxiety Tips to Ease the Transition
Toddler separation anxiety can be an emotional roller coaster for parents. Use these 5 tips to help ease the transition.
Have Picky Eaters? Strategies For Feeding a Picky Eater
Do you have picky eaters in your house? Here are great tips on how to get your toddler to eat a variety of foods.
Toddler Potty Training Strategies For Parents
Toddler potty training strategies for parents from a toddler developmental specialist.
Ten Spoon Feeding Tips to Teach Your Toddler How to Feed Himself
Ten toddler spoon feeding tips for parents to teach self feeding to their toddlers.
Toddler Bath Time Tips for Parents
toddler bath time can be a fun learning time for your child.
Choosing Quality Daycare Centers Parent Advice
An expert's advice on how to locate, evaluate and choose quality daycare centers. Tips for what quality daycare centers must have and what they must not have before you place your precious child
Toddler Television Viewing Advice for Parents
The whens and ifs of toddler television viewing for parents of toddlers
Best OnlineParenting Advice at Your Finger Tips
An ever growing collection of the best online parenting advice for you to go to when you have questions.
Toddler Safety : Tips and Resources How to Childproof Your World
Toddler Safety requires alertness and creativity. Child safety tips and resources on how to create a safe secure world for your child
Car Seat Safety and Traveling Tip With Babies and Toddlers
Car seat safety and travel tips on how to keep babies and toddlers safe while on the road.
Suffocation and Strangulation Prevention Tips and Advice for Parents
Suffocation and strangulation accidents almost always happen in the child's home. Parents can take simple common sense steps to prevent their baby or toddler from this danger.
Pet Safety Tips and Advice for Parents
The best pet safety tips and advice for parents of young children.
Water Safety Advice for Parents
Water Safety tips on how to keep babies and toddlers safe around water
Favorite Preschooler and Toddler Activities
Toddler activities that are neat, fun,short ,easy and educational.
Tons of Toddler Crafts That are Fun and Easy
Toddler crafts are a great way to stimulate your baby's development.. These ideas are much more than dito sheets of A,B,C and 1,2,3.
Free Toddler Online Games and Activities
Great wesites for free toddler online games and activities. These sites have games that use the mouse and not the arrow keys for little hands.
Learning Disabilities in Early Childhood Development
Learning disabilities in early childhood should be detected early and interventions implemented.
Your Special Needs Baby and His Special Needs
When a baby is born with special needs it can be frightening and overwhelming for the parents. There are so many questions and so much to learn about the care for this special child.
Autism Symptoms Advice for Caregivers
Autism symptoms in young children can be confusing. There is so much information out there it is difficult to know what is fact and what is myth.
Pervasive Developmental Disorder - Not Otherwise Specified ( PDD-NOS) Facts
Pervasive Developmental Disorder - Not Otherwise Specified, or PDD-NOS,
Popular Cerebral PalsyTreatments
The most popular cererbral palsy treatments available today.
Downs Syndrome Symptoms and Treatments
A child with Downs syndrome can have a broad spectrum of abilities. Early interventions are the greatest factor to improving functional outcomes.
Baby Names: Tips for searching and choosing names
Baby names: The first big decision parents make for a new baby is her name so choose wisely
The Top 100 Polular American Names for 2008
Top 100 most popular American names for 2008 listed by the Social Security Administration .
Baby Names and Meanings With African Origins.
A Comprehesive listing of baby names and their meaning with African origins
Biblical Baby Names
Biblical names are one of the most searched resource for baby names
Earthy Baby Names: Natural and Unique
Baby Names: Names from nature are earthy,natural and unique.
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